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Change management

Which level of change management do you need to ensure optimized results?

In the current economical context, where the competition is global and extending, companies face three major stakes: evolve quickly and anticipate changes, guarantee the return on investment, an answer to a permanently increasing level of exigency.


The stakes of the change management:

Change management, indispensable during the implementation of transformation projects (new HRIS, new organization, creation of an SSC) has to erase the resistances that slow the return on investment down, and has to accompany and professionalize the HR on the development of successful actions on these projects

There are various issues about the change management:

  • How to raise awareness and professionalize your teams on change management?
  • How to guarantee the good use of new practices?
  • How to be innovative on the training and learning methods?
  • How to anticipate and limit the change resistances?
  • What is the change strategy adapted to your project?
  • How to mobilize all the actors on the implementation of the transformations?
  • What are the impacts of the project? (Importance and criticality of the change, impacted population)
  • Do you have to develop a network of representatives, and how do you lead it?


Our Solutions

In order to give you the best accompanying on the change management, we offer you a 4 steps approach, based on a structured, tooled and reliable methodology:

  • Realisation of a diagnosis of the situation: context study, identification of the impacted populations, change impacts analysis, actors study, measure of the compete
  • Definition of a change management strategy: definition of the strategy of accompanying, definition of the social accompanying, definition of the people development plans, of the communication plan, of the training strategy, and definition of the KPIs to ensure the follow-up of the project.
  • Steering and follow-up of the deployment: formalisation of the change management documentation, implementation of accompanying plan, training of the project team and its representatives, mobilisation of the impacted populations
  • Making a durable deployment : realisation of feedbacks, measure of the success of the deployment, providing of tools to measure the performance and the social climate in the company

Thanks to our expertise and feedback, we have been able to create a training (2 days) on the Change management. These two days alternate theoretical teaching and practical exercises (only in French for the moment)


Benefits – Examples

  •  Deployment of the process and the performance management IS in all the Group entities. Steering and follow-up of the deployments, accompanying of the local HR teams in the preparation, the launch and the follow-up of the performance management campaign
  • Creation of a Change Management hub, for the Group HRIS program; creation of the reference documentation, accompanying of the deployments and the local transformations
  • Improvement of the profitability through the creation of a “Change Management” offer charged to the entities of the Group. Development of the competencies of the HR teams in the entities through the deployment of a common methodology and the share of best local practices.
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