The role of HR has evolved over time. In addition to staff administration, the HRD has a strategic role: ensure consistency between the company’s strategy and available skills (workforce management; management of performance interviews; payroll management...). The management of these different areas increases exchanges with employees and will generate questions from them throughout their career.

When the pioneers of the new economy invest in HR

In addition to Human Resources, employees also turn to other internal departments to address specific issues (marketing, communication, general services, accounting, etc.). It turns out that employees’ questions are often redundant… as are the standardised responses sent by the concerned departments. Employees therefore waste a lot of time on these time-consuming tasks with low added value. In this context, the implementation of a chatbot appears to be an effective tool for dialogue at the service of employees.


What is a Chatbot and what is its use ?

A Chatbot is a conversational agent capable of responding to redundant questions asked by employees. It can be present either on internal tools (instant messaging, intranets…) or reachable via SMS. It gives an instant answer to employees, saving time for both the person asking the question and the department that does not have to answer it. The latter will only be solicited if the chatbot does not have the information. Some types of chatbot can also read the information stored in local IS, or even sometimes modify or add information (the sculpin then becomes a bot).


The benefits of setting up a chatbot are numerous and can affect different levels of the company:

Benefits for the employees:

  • Provision of a central means to access information
  • Easy access to information, immediate and available 24/24
  • Guarantee of confidentiality through giving the employees the possibility to ask questions of their choice anonymously (producing a global reporting)


Benefits for the company’s internal services:

  • Optimisation of their work time, with more time allocated to tasks with a strong added value
  • Skill improvement of teams that can assure high quality standards of service, being alerted in real time in case of a Chatbot’s inability to answer a question
  • Taking part in a project with high visibility in the context of digitalisation of the business


Benefits for the company:

  • Implementation of an innovative tool with positive repercussions on the company’s image, both internally and externally
  • Increase in the satisfaction rate of employees who receive instant responses
  • Financial gains in the medium term since employees and internal services have more time to devote to their mission and no longer waste time searching for information and answering questions with low added value


Do you want to set up your chatbot? We accompany you in the success of your project.

We offer our clients end-to-end support for all their digital projects: carrying out diagnoses, developing a digital strategy in line with the company’s vision and challenges, setting up your chatbot-type tools.

Our chatbot project support methodology is designed with the sole purpose of promoting the implementation of a high-performance tool for your company. It is divided into 4 phases:

  1. Framing and monitoring: we validate the goals of implementing your chatbot, design the scope and identify the impacts of its implementation, work with you to bring the relevant team members on board, co-construct the project planning, and assist you in choosing your partner
  2. Design and configuration: we carry out workshops to identify business needs, support your teams in setting up the chatbot knowledge base and/or interfacing local IS, validate detailed specifications and monitor the progress of developments and settings for you
  3. Test and acceptance: we define the testing plan, identify the test scenarios, produce the technical testing books, organise and manage the functional validation and monitor anomalies and evolutions
  4. Roll-out and optimisation: we define the roll-out strategy and support plan, assist users, ensure the availability of the chatbot on the selected devices and also propose the implementation of a maintenance and continuous improvement process.
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