From the concept of HR Marketing to the notion of employer identity, the employer brand impacts a variety of of objectives. Attracting the best talent, retaining them, engaging employees by using motivational tools, and cultivating a company identity require brand consistency, which involves an initial phase of defining one's identity.

Employer Brand or Employer Identity?

“Who are we?”, “What are our values?”, “What are our strengths and how do we define our identity?”, “How do we put them forward?”: these questions are core to your employer identity. In an ecosystem where internal and external interactions are simplified and more frequent, it is necessary to align what is experienced inside to what is communicated outside.
How do we create an attractive employer identity that is able to rely on ambitious HR policies? How do we promote added value to engage sponsors? What are the critical issues to be considered regarding Digital? This work, at the crossroads of marketing techniques and Human Resources issues, is the first essential step in building your attractiveness, retention, and loyalty initiatives.


We do not imagine our identity, we build it

An employer identity is built and driven to become a competitive advantage to the external audiences. It is an HR and managerial tool that generates trust and commitment for employees. If it relies on the company’s brand, it should be built independently with a strategy that we break down in 5 key steps:

  1. Consider company strategic and operational goals to identify the resources that should be retained and developed in the business.
  2. Analyse the expectations and motivations of these targets by leading focus groups
  3. Identify how your brand can respond to these expectations by leveraging your differentiating strengths
  4. Build and organise multi-channel actions around your differentiating strengths (update your strategic HR priorities, redesign processes, your recruitment platform and
    develop your social media presence…)
  5. Liven up the brand with a structured, long-term vision community management approach


The employer brand: a competitive advantage

The employer brand embodies the company’s values. It allows employees to better adhere to the company’s strategic vision, and to differentiate the offer for candidates, in the context of the emergence of new organisational practices driven by start-ups.
It is therefore not only an asset for the HR department but also represents an important economic tool, that can reduce turnover, optimise communication costs for a more significant return on investment, and attract the talents of tomorrow.
At a time of constant interaction between technologies and people, the definition of your employer identity is both the groundwork for your overall communication, as well as an important lever for the company’s development.

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