A procedure designed to analyse the effectiveness of HRIS tools. To avoid under- or over-evaluating a software’s scope, control costs and to be fair in performance evaluation, the HR audit is the essential tool when redesigning your HR & HRIS processes and tools, and contributes to making your human capital a focal point of your strategy. Learn more.

HR Audits, major issues

HR audits of operational efficiency will be evaluated on 3 main points:

  • An HR department responding to strategic issues
  • An HR department that controls and secures its processes
  • A properly sized and staffed HR department

…by addressing the following issues:

  • What are the main challenges of the HR function?
  • How to respond to increasing complexity and an evolving environment in terms of legal matters, internal organisation, new techniques (HRIS in particular) and the globalised context?
  • Is the HR department’s role overstated in comparison to the services it provides?
  • Are we overpaying for outsourced HR activities? What could be gained by outsourcing HR or internalising certain tasks?
  • Is the distribution of HR activities adjusted to the needs of internal and external “clients”?
  • What are the necessary skills? How do we manage the human factor?
  • What are the necessary actions we need to take in order to improve the efficiency of HR departments?
  • What are the primary HR transformations needed for the improvement of the organisation’s efficiency?

HR Audit, our tailor-made approach

To optimize the efficiency of your HR department, our approach is built on three main areas:

  • HR organisation and processes, by improving internal operating procedures, reallocating activities between managers, centralising, decentralising or relocating certain activities.
  • HR department costs, by measuring internal ratios to identify areas for improvement, quantifying potential gains or shortfalls to identify action points.
  • Payroll, by identifying indicators for monitoring and controlling the payroll, quantifying the cost of not overseeing the payroll adequately, and implementing actions to secure the payroll.
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