By being present on social networks, your talents have access to new opportunities. How can you ensure that your recruitment needs are also effectively communicated to your current employees? How can you make your internal opportunities attractive? How can your employees advance internally without difficulty (hierarchy, shelving...)?

Internal mobility, a way for employees and organisations to grow together

Internal mobility that contributes to efficiency and productiveness requires perfect timing between the company’s needs and employees’ desires. Employees and companies have a shared vision: to conquer new markets. The company, for economic reasons, needs to continuously adapt, which is also the case for collaborators, who need to ensure their employability. With an analysis of the situation and the numerous experiences of our consultants, we can work together for the promotion of mobility, as an asset for both the employee and the company.



Internal mobility: a career growth driver

With LinkedIn, it is no longer necessary for employees to signal themselves as “available” for new professional opportunities to arise. Therefore, there is a risk of losing those talents that are constantly sought after, and it could result in remaining employees feeling like they are in stiff positions, not necessarily compatible with your vision. Encouraging internal mobility means creating a dynamic work environment that is constantly evolving, and playing a major role in your transformation. We believe that sending a job application through your company’s career site should be as simple as on social networks. To improve your mobility processes, we suggest that you work on the attractiveness of your internal offers, the accessibility of these offers and the support of your employees on this new momentum.


Internal mobility: a driver of transformation for your business

Agility for the company is necessary to evolve, to transform itself to gain in efficiency. This transformation involves reorganisation, renewal of your business lines, acquisition of new skills… By focusing on internal mobility, new potential is revealed, a dynamic is created while preserving the spirit and culture of your company. Flexibility for the employee means playing a role in the transformation of the business to display his/her talent. In this sense, internal mobility has to be recognised, by both parties, as a substitute to external recruitment with an already qualified talent pool, and a proof of positive career evolution.


Method and implementation

The objective of internal mobility processes is to recognise internal skills and communicate with transparency on the new internal needs of the organisation. Two things you need to avoid: “replacing” employees and a lack of transparency in job openings. For the employee, the internal job market represents a source of attractive opportunities. To boost this internal process, our consultants will analyse your context and propose measures to improve the fluidity of your internal resources in various ways: change management, redesign of the mobility site, review of processes.


Internal mobility: an HR asset

Internal mobility will allow you to optimise the skills inherent to your organisation and preserve your company culture. It is also an excellent tool to motivate and retain collaborators, allowing HR to play a major role in the development of the business with:
Optimising investments in training and development

  • Reducing turnover
  • Reducing recruitment costs
  • Matching employees’ skills to market challenges
  • Employee initiative
  • Motivation and mobilisation of HR actor
  • Pride in belonging to the company
  • Mutual respect between hierarchy and employees
  • The image of a corporate citizen