Career sites, professional or personal social networks, job boards, school intranets... The many channels of communication and candidate search now allow us to reach more people than ever. At the same time, Recruitment Services have to be more and more efficient by selecting the best candidates within tight deadlines. What is the best way to source candidates?

Defining priorities

Which is more efficient: posting your job offers or using a more direct approach? The answer should never depend on cost but rather on your recruitment priorities. To apply these, we will help you segment and understand your key target profiles by determining their expectations, their needs, their consumer habits, as well as outlining their typical skills.


Identifying the segments of key candidates

To identify these key targets of your recruitment strategy, the first step is to communicate with the executives on the overall strategy of the company and identify the skills needed in the future. This conversation, coupled with a quantitative analysis to determine the number of people to recruit and a prospective analysis on your needs, will allow you to define who the ideal candidate is. Different segments of profiles can even end up presenting common skills, motivations, and goals. The company could choose to focus on profiles or on the contrary, on experts whose skills are extremely sought after.


Adapt the sourcing strategy to the habits of your targets

These candidate segments don’t have the same expectations, or the same habits. Focus groups can help identify their characteristics, and measure the gap between perceived, real, and expected employer identity by these segments. In this sense, we help companies identify the channels to source the most relevant profiles and to adapt the communicated message in order to find the right balance between their identities and the expectations of the candidates.


Segmentation and sourcing strategy: an asset to develop your business plan

There are two advantages to defining your segment prior to building your sourcing strategy: attract more relevant profiles, and optimise recruitment costs to insure better ROI. Our knowledge and experience in the recruitment ecosystem makes us ideal advisors in the best strategy to adopt according to the profile of your targets and our vision will allow you to benefit from innovative insight on truly strategic subject.

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