Working from home is a solution that rationalises production space by limiting real estate investment, it also improves QWL (Quality of Work Life) and the remote mobilisation of talent. This type of organisation facilitates recruitment of rare talent who cannot work on site. How do you implement Work-from-home policies? How do you outline a Work-from-home agreement and the applicable rules?

To make working remotely efficient

To allow you to implement your remote work option in the best possible conditions, we will accompany you along each step of the implementation process. Setting up all of the project’s components (IS, HR, Managers…), defining and managing the project’s KPIs, identifying opportunities and implementing them, running awareness-raising activities for employees… Drawing from the feedbacks from some of clients’ experiences, you will will ultimately benefit from an optimal implementation to draft amendments to the contract and manage legal issues, insurance, and remote tools.


Working remotely: relevance analysis

Manual work on site, projects requiring close proximity… some roles are not eligible for remote work. For this reason we evaluate how relevant this solution is to your company by taking into account the company’s structure, the people involved, and their roles.


A technical and tailor-made installation of your remote working plan

To verify the validity of remote working, we set up pilot experiments that will allow you to find the optimal roll-out strategy. Implementation of processes, selection, and introduction of new tools, we develop tailor-made approaches that meet the needs of your company, your employees (to maintain social fabric) and their new way of working.


A secure legal framework for your remote working plan

Remote working allows employees to avoid working at the company’s usual site. Nevertheless, they remain employees like any other with a legal framework. We will aid you in defining this, to ensure that the concerned teams or operations cannot legally be put at risk.


Remote work and QWL: an implementation facilitated by the experience of ConvictionsRH

ConvictionsRH manages your project from A to Z, sharing the benefits of its experience with you, and optimises the implementation of remote workstations with:

  • A system that allows the company to grow and develop without having to change premises or make major real estate investments
  • Improved working comfort for the employees concerned, which also increases productivity and loyalty to the company
  • A new strong recruitment asset, because remote working is perceived as attractive
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