We intervene and work with you on the change management of your new HRIS regardless of the chosen software. We adapt our methods to the nature of the changes, to your culture, but also to the project method used (classic/agile) and priorities the user experience. Tailor-made support and advice to enable you to benefit from an optimal and secure implementation of your HRIS.

Change management HRIS: from functional to organisational

What tools can be used to define a strategy and implement an action plan for driving HRIS change? What are the impacts of the new system on user groups in terms of skills or practices?
How can you detect and respond to individual and shared expectations? How can you ensure that future users will be fully committed and motivated to applying all of the future tools’ features?
How can you anticipate, identify and regulate possible resistance to HRIS change?


Change management HRIS – our areas of success

Our consultants support you in your HRIS change management by taking into account a wide range of requirements:

  • Fully integrated with the project team, we carry out a detailed analysis of the impacts related to the project and the tools to anticipate levers that can be activated to drive change (communication, training,  mobilisation, organisation, user assistance)
  •  We build a clear strategy and an operational and concrete, economical and efficient action plan based on your practices and habits to ensure the success of the tool’s sustainability.
  • We rely on local management as a bridge and promoter of change so that they can be effective”ambassadors” on a daily basis and thus create the best conditions for all teams to be involved.


HRIS change management, your key to success

Our approach ensures that you take key factors into account that optimise your HRIS change process and also, which can be measured with success criteria such as:

  • Motivated and committed users when using the tool.
  • Optimal appropriation of your HRIS by users from the very beginning stages and in the long-term.
  • A significant contribution to the expected gains in performance and efficiency.
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