Faced with an increasingly diversified and constantly evolving HR world where a multitude of HRIS solutions are on offer, it is becoming harder and harder to find THE solution that will best meet your challenges (economic, financial, strategic, technical, organisational, and human). This is why we support you in your project, from the expression of your company needs to the selection of the HRIS that will make you an essential player in the market from both an internal and external point of view. Learn more.

What are the challenges when choosing an HRIS?

These are qualities that your IT Project Management Support/HRIS will provide by:

  • Diversifying and developing the roles within Human Resources: strengthening the HR role of managers and developing HR expertise, emergence of new challenges such as talent management, employer brand management; development of social networks/Web 2.0 (recruitment); strengthening legal obligations (training), overhauling obsolete processes, dematerialisation…
  • Increasing the scope and diversification of HRIS products: there are countless options to choose from between general softwares, specialised HR softwares, and niche players, as well as several means of implementing them – internalisation, outsourcing, integration of an IT Project Management team, BPO.

The choice an HRIS software must therefore meet all of your requirements but also, more global challenges within the company which go beyond the current scope of HR : economic, financial, strategic, technical, organisational, and staff.


A structured, equipped, and proven methodology to guarantee the choice’s quality and objectivity.


How to choose the right HRIS?

There are several questions to address when choosing an HRIS. We’re here to assist you in answering them.

  • How to address your current and future needs, and how should you prioritise them?
  • How should you structure relevant technical guidelines that are complete and correspond with your choice?
  • What level of detail should be provided to publishers?
  • How to reach an agreement between business users and with the IT department?
  • Should certain activities be internalised or outsourced?
  • Which logic should you adopt: ERP, best-of-breed or modular with a base?
  • Which call for tenders strategy should be used and to whom should the HRIS specifications be addressed (publishers, integrators or both simultaneously)?
  • On what criteria should you select your supplier and how can you objectively compare the candidates’ answers?
  •  How to ensure the sustainability of the solution?
  • What level of commitment should be requested and/or expected and how can contractual documents be secured to ensure that the supplier complies with its commitments?


The HRIS selection phase: a project in its own right that must be treated as such

We provide a 5-step support system to guarantee your project is a success:

  1. Frame the project and the scope of the future tool by reviewing the objectives and issues you expect from the implementation of an HRIS and specify which team members should be involved.
  2. Analyse and reengineer your processes to improve and harmonise them.
  3. Identify the approach best suited to your context and the solutions best suited to meet it through the analysis of external benchmarks and your specific needs
  4. Write the specifications – on the basis of reengineering – which will serve as a basis for the call for tenders.
  5. Support you in the selection of your HRIS, up until the final steps, which allows you to make an objective decision.


Why should you trust us?

By entrusting us with the drafting of your specifications, you’re guaranteed the secure rollout of your project thanks to the input of an external expert eye who will analyse your needs, optimise your existing system and support you in the construction of your HRIS trajectory. Through our experience, our knowledge of the market, and our know-how we support you throughout your project by guaranteeing the following elements:

  • In-depth understanding of your needs to ensure you choose the most appropriate solution
  • Harmonisation of rules and practices to develop your tools
  • Optimisation of your processes
  • Provision of our firm’s benchmarks and permanent monitoring of market solutions
  • Accompaniment during the support and stripping process



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