Management of the payroll and post-payment processing process (data entry, monitoring, legal statements, employee relations, etc.) within your teams, management of all your HR administration... Via our RH&Staff brand, we can offer you outsourcing services adapted to your specific or permanent needs. Learn more.

Secure your vulnerable positions:

Both payroll and HR administrative management are sensitive, potentially costly functions that must be safeguarded under all circumstances. It’s in this context that companies are required to take precautions and provide data security, and are now taking the direction of partial or complete outsourcing of HR/HRIS processes and/or tools.

Thanks to its employees who are experts in their respective fields, RH&Staff proposes business and/or technical support on HR processes and payroll, which has dual objectives for the company:

  • Guarantee the expected result by applying strict rules defined jointly at the time of the
    process initialisation
  •  Enable employees to focus on actions with greater added value for the company

This support can take the form of back office as well as front office support, with for example
assistance and user support on one or more HR functions or in the context of a particular

The whole of this approach is responds to a concern for transparency and simplification for the company, who maintains full management of the process and data, while avoiding the day-to- day management and tasks.

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