Starting in January 2019, French taxpayers will experience a real upheaval in their habits: their taxes will be paid and deducted directly from their pay slips. This change has a direct impact on companies since the employer becomes a tax collector, which forces him to meet new legal obligations and therefore to adapt his organisation to manage this change. Discover how ConvictionsRH can support you in project mode to customise and secure the transition.

ConvictionsRH: An expert approach to implementing source taxing


Our offer is adapted to your company and divided into four main segments:


Framing and governance

  • Project organisation: project team, governance, planning
  • Project kick-off
  • Management: preparation and management of committees, monitoring of actions, coordination of stakeholders, risk management, etc.


Change management and communication

  • Impact analysis: identification of the impacts (Organisation, Business, Organisation, Culture, Culture, HR Policies) to be managed and identification of processing methods (training, communication, assistance, processes)
  • Formalisation of the change management plan: communication plan, training plan, HR policy management plan (social responsibility, employee savings, etc.)
  • Implementation and animation of actions: training engineering, communication materials (emailing, flyers, posters, video, intranet, etc.), plenary meetings


Adaptation of the Payroll IS

  • Definition of the transition plan with the publisher and IT (tests, prefiguration)
  • Preparation and coordination of user tests
  • Preparation of the prefiguration
  • Definition of the switchover plan and the backup plan


Support for employees and managers

  • Implementation and management of the Employee Hotline
  • Setting up and running the FAQ
  • Support to payroll teams to secure the transition


Personalised and tailor-made support

We accompany you at all phases of the transition project:

  • Upstream impact analysis
  • Adaptation of the organisation: review of processes, new controls to operate, new skills…
  • Change management: training and communication
  • Tests of Payroll IS adaptations
  • Support for managers and employees
  • Reinforcements to secure the switchover and the processing of anomalies


We adapt to the needs and specificities of your company and guarantee:

  • The involvement of a multidisciplinary and expert team on pending subjects: organisation, change management, IS Payroll
  • The possibility of outsourcing the employee “Hot Line” to our departments and/or strengthening your payroll teams
  • A ready-to-use and customisable “kit” for training, communication, FAQs and an updated and accessible capitalisation database until the end of 2019


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January 2019
date of the first payroll source taxing deduction