HR makes it possible to forge links between the company's various departments. Therefore, it's essential to test an HRIS before implementing or upgrading your HRIS in order to ensure the reliability of the tools used and avoid the negative consequences of technical malfunctions. Learn more.

The HRIS Technical Tests as a tool for users and staff

For direct users (payroll department, managers…), a tool with anomalies can lead to a significant loss of time and generate discomfort. For employees, doubts may arise as to the accuracy and reliability of the information (salary, working time, etc.) provided by HR. But how can you optimise the testing process?


Our method for a reliable and easy-going HRIS technical test

Each company has different needs that require an HRIS test adapted to their situation and
context. However, in order to propose the most optimal HRIS test, we have modelled a working
method that makes it possible to secure all processes and ultimately provide you with a reliable
and stable tool. A roadmap to follow with in order:

  • Definition of the testing method
  • Creation of the test and validation specifications & identification of the test scenarios
  • Creation of data sets in the test database
  • Organisation and coordination of the software validation tests
  • Execution of the functional testing of the tool
  • Coordination of the technical test, follow up, bug management, corrections, and evolutions


The HRIS testing is the right ingredient for peace of mind

The HRIS test is an essential step to guarantee that your tool works properly. A structured analysis and extensive tests that allow you to get started with confidence but also:

  • Improved fluidity of use
  • Implementation or development of your tool to ensure you can use it optimally
  • Reliability based on the experience of the HRIS test
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