For managers, the ability to unite, lead and transmit a vision is essential to develop and motivate teams and achieve the objectives set. However, there is sometimes a gap between the managerial skills expected and those that can be observed in practice. We assist you in helping managers having difficulty to progress.

A tailor-made and complete assessment for managers

There are many reasons for a mismatch between roles and skills. New skills that are required are insufficiently mastered, a change in the level of responsibility that has not been properly managed, a company culture that has not been well assimilated, a lack of assertiveness that has been observed, difficulty in managing stress, and much more.
So, what are the solutions for managers who have difficulty progressing?

To answer these questions, we suggest that you work with us to carry out a 360° assessment. This effective method, applied individually or collectively, aims to have a manager’s behaviour assessed by his or her N+1, peers, employees, internal or external customers, and suppliers as part of an overall improvement process.

An ideal service, enabling you to benefit from a complete overview of managerial skills, to which can be added effective coaching to help implement the opportunities for improvement that were identified, thus contributing to the structuring of a clear managerial structure.



Solutions for the group and individual

Thanks to a 360° assessment, this offer takes into account both the individual and the group in which they work. It is a veritable professional development tool that focuses on the perceived quality and effectiveness of a manager’s interactions in a group, rather than on evaluating the position and adapting it to the expected key skills (objective of an assessment process). This 360° assessment, coupled with coaching, allows you to benefit from cross-functional views of management practices, to capitalise on various but complementary levels of information, and use them to improve managerial practices as effectively as possible.

Our support offer allows us to gain awareness and perspective by taking an objective viewpoint based on the neutrality and goodwill that our consultants demonstrate as external partners. Driven by our ethics, values and convictions, our services are voluntarily based on a logic of sharing and mutual trust, as well as a desire not to limit our involvement with managers to an evaluation, selection or disciplinary process but to use it as an opportunity to identify areas for progress at the service of individual and collective development and fulfilment.



The 360° assessment

An excellent analysis tool, intended both for current managers (Executives, Managers, Team Leaders, CODIR…) and those in the making, the 360° assessment provides valuable information on how your managers operate in their specific work environment.

This method allows you to:

  • To benefit from an overview of a manager’s managerial skills, as they perceive them. This subjectivity leads to objectivity, in the subjectivity of the company’s culture of course !
  • To improve management’s position in order to improve economic and social performance by determining a concrete action plan which can serve as the ideal foundation for coaching initiatives aimed to further develop and explore areas of improvement.
  • To implement a dynamic and innovative approach to the development of managerial skills, based on a common reference base and a shared vision of the desired managerial culture and practices.
  • Within the framework of a 360° approach, we’ll develop a complete, panoramic view of managerial skills in accordance with the degree of importance that the company places on them for the development of its business and its teams.



The coaching

Coaching is a means of supporting a manager in their progress objectives, based on the difficulties they encounter (possibly highlighted by a 360° assessment).

  • The purpose of managerial coaching is to encourage the development of the person in their professional career (“the important”) by relying on what makes sense for them longterm and within their professional field (“the essential”). Coaching aims to support those who expressed a willingness to change and evolve.
  • Coaching is time-bound and always has an objective, with indicators to measure progress and success. It starts and ends with a three-party meeting aimed at establishing this framework.
  • During the intermediate points, and at the end of the coaching, the coachee uses the outcome indicators to assess which of their objectives have been achieved and which ones have not. Thanks to these results indicators, the coachee will be aware of their responsibilities in the changes.
  • Through friendly confrontation, framed discussions (in the case of team coaching), the coach’s role is to enable the person (or team) to satisfy their expressed need and achieve their objective.
  • Coaching is about “how can it be done? “while psychotherapy is concerned with “why?”. For example, the “why the client seems unmotivated” is actually of little importance to the coach. This belongs first and foremost to the person, and his or her history. For the coach, what’s important is “how their client will become more motivated”, if that is what they requested.

In conclusion, the coach’s role during this time is to encourage the coachee’s initiative and to withdraw at the end of the process because the coachee will no longer need their coach – thus the process is completed. Coaching is a step towards the development of the coachee’s autonomy.



Coaching with different sources of information

Coaching can be requested by a manager after a 360° assessment or following the findings of an assessment, as part of a commitment to progress and development.

It can also be requested or proposed to the manager without having carried out a 360° assessment or an evaluation.

We can offer to complete the coaching with a SOSIE personality test in order to accelerate behavioural changes through a better knowledge of the manager’s personality traits.



An opportunity for managers to become fully responsible for their professional and personal development:

ConvictionsRH consultants bring their expertise and experience, acquired throughout their various support projects, to address all levels of the managerial structure.

Proven know-how over time that allows your managers to:

  • To have a better knowledge of oneself and the impact on others
  • To be able to learn from their experiences
  • To become aware of their who the existing support system and identify their areas for development
  • To better understand the expectations of their professional environment in order to adapt well to them
  • To benefit from a personalised development plan taking into account the progress perceived as necessary
  • To have an individual tailor-made approach that allows them to calmly and effectively adopt the managerial posture adapted to the company’s culture and specific expectations



An opportunity for the company to promote a learning-oriented and dynamic managerial culture

The services offered by ConvictionsRH enable you to rely on a referential approach that has been tried and tested in the field and is constantly enriched with our client’s feedback, which results in a service proposal that’s a valuable tool for:

  • Developing managerial efficiency and therefore performance
  • Identifying, qualifying and developing managerial practices
  • Strengthening and optimising the development and monitoring of managerial potential
  • Fostering a shared culture of continuous feedback and communication
  • Fostering a culture of development and transversality
  • Making management a shared challenge, in mutual commitment, a constructive and partnership-based vision of the company’s development
  • Making the 360° assessment and coaching a win-win approach.
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