Your management team is a key, differentiating and strategic asset for your organisation. For this reason, it is important to be able to detect, analyse and manage the consequences of external factors on the proper functioning of the management team. In a context marked by uncertainty and complexity and by the need for responsiveness and agility, we are there to accompany you in this process.

Towards the optimisation of decision-making processes

Whether you are a new manager who integrates an existing management team, a company manager who must harmonise a management team after a merger, the priority is to quickly reach an optimal level of maturity to achieve a rapid securing of the decision-making process. Which solutions to quickly optimise your Codir? How to make an existing Codir work more efficiently? How to harmonise the practices of a new Codir from two former ones? By carrying out a diagnosis of the operations of a management team for you, we will be able to provide concrete, rapid and tailor-made answers to your questions and thus avoid syndromes of Control Tower, Tower of Babel or Ivory Tower.



A diagnosis through a clear and in-depth analysis

To carry out the diagnosis of your management team’s performance, ConvictionsRH consultants will analyse the key roles within your team, their organisation and their interactions. This work is essential to carry out a reliable diagnosis that involves:

  • The definition of the objectives of the Codir
  • The exploration of its culture and life cycle
  • Relationship management,
  • The evaluation of their leadership,
  • The management of the cross-functional nature of their team,
  • The structuring of time and operating rules,
  • The management of its ” limits ” and its openness to other personalities within or outside the organisation



A thorough analysis using an innovative, robust and proven method

ConvictionsRH consultants use a method based on individual interviews followed by observation and simulation exercises. In this way, we can better understand how regulation methods, management styles, efficient priority management and decision-making are applied.
After these observations, a complete diagnosis with a short-term, personalised operational action plan is proposed. In addition to the consulting dimension, there is also a coaching dimension that helps you achieve your objectives in accordance with your DNA, your heritage and your singular areas of progress.
To cross paths and get the best out of both practices, we’ll provide you with a “consultant/coaching” team, a cohesive and experienced team that has already developed working habits



And many other service options

If you wish, we can, in connection with this diagnosis, assist the management team in an operational capacity by defining its strategy and setting up new units with individual or collective support in order to ensure that the defined objectives are met.
Similarly, we are able to carry out an audit of managerial practices in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation’s entire management team.



A Codir at the heart of your business’s operations

With the operating diagnosis, you benefit from an external analysis of your Codir by a trusted third party. This point of view enables you to become aware of your strengths and areas for improvement. Additionally, this will enable you to have solutions on hand which will make the day-to-day operations of your managerial team more fluid and efficient internally, so that they can fully assume their role as decision-makers and leaders within your organisation.

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