Once your HRIS project has been implemented, it’s important to maintain the optimal efficiency of your tool.How can you secure and manage new releases & upgrades of your HRIS and ensure TNR? Our functional administration offer provides a solution to this.

Functional Administration: an efficient user support resource

Due to lack of time, it may be be that no one internally has fully overseen your project and been trained to configure your tool. Our consultants, by taking over the functional administration of your HRIS, allow you to benefit from efficient and functional user support. A service that you can choose to outsource temporarily while waiting for someone to be trained internally or you can choose to outsource it to us long term.


Manage the developments and daily operations of your HRIS via functional administration

Our consultants maintain the scalability of your HRIS, allowing you to achieve optimal operational efficiency. For employees/managers or expert partners in the HR or IT sector, our expertise enables us to provide flexibility that meets your many expectations:

  • The ability for your tool to evolve with time
  • Advise you on the benefits of new features available through releases
  • Perform the non-regression tests (TNR) for you
  • Provide support to your users, from a hotline to training key users


The functional administration of your HRIS guarantees you peace of mind

Outsourcing the functional administration of your HRIS is a flexible and efficient service with many advantages. In addition to guaranteeing you peace of mind, the flexibility of the service allows you to control the risks that could result from misuse or lack of monitoring of your software.

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