HR startups have become major economic players, driving more and more business. However, several questions remain: are they reliable? Genuinely innovative? Relevant to your needs? ConvictionsRH helps you see more clearly and pinpoint the company which best suits your needs.

HR Start-ups: A potential to uncover

Human Resources are attracting more and more entrepreneurs looking to diversify the HR offer. They’re aiming to improve corporate culture, revolutionise recruitment, improve cost management, accompany digitalisation in a different way, rethink employee training (methods), improve internal mobility… These companies provide a wide range of services and offers.

At ConvictionsRH, we are convinced that working with a start-up can be greatly beneficial. However, start-ups don’t necessarily meet everyone’s needs, and perhaps not the needs of your company…


Expert guidance for choosing an HR start-up

In order to give you the best possible support in your choice of HR start-ups, ConvictionsRH created the Start System, a personalised consulting offer to assist you in choosing the start-up partners which best meet your  needs and allow you to collaborate with them in the richest possible manner.

This offer is based on an acute knowledge of the HR start-up sector and is the result of constant dialogue and monitoring by our experts with this ecosystem.


Start System



Start System

Whether you still have doubts or are prepared to make this leap, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions or to download our free HR Start-up Digital Map to discover quick start-up could be made for you!

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