To avoid under- or over-evaluating a software’s scope, control costs and to be fair in performance evaluation, the HR audit is the essential tool when redesigning your HR & HRIS processes and tools, and contributes to making your human capital a focal point of your strategy.

An audit to be able to respond to all requirements

Human resources roles are increasingly in demand in companies, making it better to have high-performance tools to cover the different responsibilities. But how do you choose the right HRIS that can adapt to the multitude of tasks and objectives? How can we avoid under- or over-evaluating a tool, control costs and be fair in assessing performance? What solutions can be found to ensure that all the possibilities of an existing HRIS are fully exploited? To optimise your HRIS in the long term, we provide you with our HRIS audit service, which will allow you to have all the ins and outs to guide you in your choice. Benchmark, feedback on the solutions that companies have chosen, everything is done to enable you to use all the possibilities of a competitive tool in the long term.


An audit based on three key factors of an HRIS analysis

We work closely with you and your managers to find out what they expect from their HR. To enable you to assess the relevance and effectiveness of your HRIS, we work on 3 essential areas to analyse performance. The HRIS audit addresses:

1. The HRIS organisation and processes

Internally or externally, organisation is an essential factor to provide more security, reliability, and productivity. Evaluation of performance according to real needs, analysis of interactions, relevance of outsourcing, the quest for an HRIS system requires, first of all, a redefinition of priorities.


2. The profitability of HRIS solutions

Evaluation of expenses per employee, analysis of profitability ratios… We analyse the areas for improvement by quantifying potential gains, shortfalls and identifying the actions to be taken to make your HRIS as profitable as possible.


3. The choice of effective HRIS tools

Obsolescence assessment, functionalities, security, evolution… We identify analyse your needs, those of your customers and work to make the use of your tools more fluid, more efficient, more reliable, by establishing a structured master plan.


With your HRIS audit: concrete synthesis tools to optimise efficiency

Asking us to conduct an HRIS audit is an effective way to get accurate information about what is working well and what is not working well in your organisation. This makes it possible to conduct a necessary assessment of the situation, which will provide a sound and complete basis for all future decision-making thanks to:
Audit of HR processes and tools based on 35 indicators (sponsors: CFOs and HRDs) over 3 months .

  • Mapping of ” shortcomings ” in the various entities of the group
  • An estimate of the “loss of income” and potential gains related to the ” taking control ” (several M€) .
  • Roadmaps built for operational staff to concerned by the audit
  • Organisational, regulatory and functional changes (HRIS tools)
  • An audit of all HR processes and tools in 4 weeks
  • Identification of inefficiencies and benchmarking of HR department costs (potential gains of more than 20%) . Definition of the roadmap for the HR department over 3 years (organisation, processes, tools)
  • The definition of the 10 priorities for the HR department over 6 months and individual roadmaps



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