Our tried and tested methods help us analyse the need for a new tool and a change in HRIS organisation, before mapping out what will become the essential tool for your transformation: your HRIS master plan.

HRIS master plan, a central and reliable tool

Your HRIS Master Plan is a tool which facilitates the transition from point A to point B. It is established by taking into account the expectations and needs of all departments, including top management. In order for it to be a reliable tool, aligned with an organisation, a strategy, a transformation or a change, its conception is carried out via a 2-step proven method.


Essential preparation for a well traced HRIS Master Plan

The HRIS Master Plan must be seen as an organisational tool and not a hindrance.
To do this, various things must be put in place beforehand, in particular the analysis of the existing situation, taking into account the needs of general management, managers, employees, and the rationalisation of operating methods. What should also be considered is the calculation of costs, and the alignment of the HRIS within the organisation’s strategic ambitions.


A time for clarification in order to identify the right approach for your SIRH Manager Outline

The first components of a strategic planning of the HRIS Master Plan will facilitate the identification of organisational method best suited to your needs.

Prioritising the different factors / Working on top priority topics (managed services, processing services, managed services, etc.), functional coverage (ERP, best of breed, hybrid approach) and technology (On premise, SaaS, ASP, etc.) will be essential for the optimisation and efficiency of the HRIS Master Plan. This will eventually contribute to the tool, which will become essential to the transformation of your company.


The HRIS Master Plan: on the right track towards better performances

After having entrusted us with the conception of your HRIS Master Plan, you will be able to:

  • Benefit from a global vision of performance and to make informed decisions
  • Align the various stakeholders (General Management, HR Manager, Operations Manager and ISD) in order to share the same vision
  • Anticipate the impacts of the evolution of the HRIS
  • Identify the ROI of a project, which will facilitate its launch
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