Because it's not easy to bring everyone together around the same project, to create a positive atmosphere conducive to the spirit of a company, we can provide you with our expertise in leading a managerial community to help you enhance your talents and develop a strong sense of belonging to your company.

Leading a managerial community: leading to better unify

Having a dynamic and committed managerial community within your organisation is a key asset in terms of mobilisation, efficiency, but also in terms of image within your ecosystem (customers, potential candidates, partners, etc.). Under these conditions, many organisations are interested in developing, stimulating and sustaining a managerial community in order to make the most of working together. Which are the strategies which can unite your managers?



The construction and animation of a managerial community

In order to create a strong group of managers on whom you can rely, our consultants are at your service to define:

  • Community issues (what it should be and what it should not be)
  • The rituals of this community (what format for the meeting? how often?)
  • Its objectives

It is also a question of encouraging each manager in their active participation in the community, thus ensuring that everyone is a stakeholder in the success of the group. This is an essential step to then build a committed and efficient managerial unit, which will ultimately be able to support transformations, promote common values, practices, etc.
ConvictionsRH’s dual consulting and coaching posture will allow the client to combine the reflexive mirror of coaching, allowing them to find the solutions that are most adapted to them, with the expertise of the consultant who will serve as a guide when analysing the possible solutions.



And many other service options

Before the implementation of this managerial community, we may conduct an audit of managerial practices in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation’s management.
We can also support the management team in its corporate strategies in order to ensure that it sets an example for its managers.



Why set up a management community?

The establishment of a managerial community will allow you to improve the involvement of all managers in your organisation. From the most strategic to the most operational positions, you will benefit from:

  • The implementation of effective and ritualised meetings, enabling managers to fully carry out their role and develop the manager-leader
  • A more coherent management structure based on a sense of collective responsibility, which will facilitate the integration of new managers
  • Managers who convey the same values
  • A more involved community that will support you when implementing transformations



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