To motivate at a crucial moment, public and private organisations use seminars. But these events, perceived as necessary, lead to fatigue, making them less efficient in view of the objectives they are trying to achieve. How can we modernise the organisation of team seminars? Which are the best solutions to make a seminar profitable on a tight budget? Our innovative and tailor-made proposals are a fresh approach to the challenge.  

We have rethought the ways in which seminars are conducted by combining innovative and differentiating approaches:

  • Integrating theatre and screenwriting into a seminar helps use acting as a tool for discovering new and intelligent ways to be spectators but also, participants.
  • Including digital tools, which offer new opportunities for interactive and participative approaches to team building by facilitating live reactions, proposals and votes.
  • Organising seminars in inspiring or even offbeat venus with special guests, relevant to the topic at hand (clients or users, athletes or artists, international managers, journalists, experts, researchers, etc.)


An all inclusive solution

Our method begins with analysing and formalising the objectives of the seminar, choosing the terms of the “sets” and “scenes”, and also accompanying the participants in the content and key messages that will be delivered. Our consultants lead, coordinate activities, and serve as a common thread in the organisation of the logistics of your event. With our service, you will benefit from the organisation of a tailor-made and personalised seminar.

Depending on the time and budget allocated, we summarise, via videos or written reports, the work carried out during the seminar so that this event:

  • Becomes a reference and a reference for your teams, which is beneficial to your employer brand
  • Represents a starting point for new projects or the occasion to look back on projects on initiatives already in the works.
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