Rationalising space is an essential means of making real estate investment profitable, which represents one of the most significant expenditure for companies, along with the payroll. Between financial imperatives and the need to attract or retain talent through a pleasant and attractive work environment, executives must think of the most optimal way to harness all of their potential. A development mission that we propose to undertake together.

How can you improve the layout of your company’s workspace? Is remote work a good solution for improving productivity? Does open space really facilitate communication between people? Because of the importance of these issues, the development of new workplaces always raises many questions. Find out how ConvictionsRH can help you answer them.

Rethinking space to rethink work

Beyond technical and financial issues, workspaces also embody a managerial project and contribute to the company’s performance. We will support you throughout your layout project via different steps that are essential to making your new workspace as profitable and pleasant as possible.

Step 1: Framing

To optimise the likelihood of success, we involve managers beforehand in order to understand the contours of the transformation that is underway (organisational, managerial, digitalisation, etc.) and its impact on future workspaces. To better identify requests and develop a roadmap supported and shared by all leaders, we rely on:

  • Strategic interviews with sponsors,
  • An analysis of available documentation and related projects,
  • Workshops with leaders to develop a shared strategic vision,
  • Benchmarks.

Step 2: Co-construction

Because the organisation of the space requires the support and appropriation of teams, we recommend involving employees through a representative sample of all sectors and teams, in order to encourage them to participate rather than to feel it’s already enacted or imposed.
In order to create a project that is supported and shared by as many people as possible, we rely on co-construction workshops (2 to 4), punctuated by regular meetings of the core project team, at the end of which a future project is validated.

Step 3: Planning and choice assistance

The results of these exchanges will be summarised, analysed and, in the end, you will receive various tools that will enable you to make the best choices:

  • Functional programming documents with floor plans,
  • Specifications and guidelines required of a space planner, furniture supplier and/or moving company (in the event of a transfer),
  • Document to assist you in your choice (analysis of offers at hand).

Cross-sectoral stage: change management

In addition to the layout project, we offer tailor-made change management through:

  • the development of the change strategy,
  • support for teams through communication, mobilisation and training actions,
  • An overview of feedback at the end of the project.


Why should you trust us?

As an independent firm with no links with marketers, architectural firms or furniture manufacturers, ConvictionsRH guarantees that the project is oriented towards HR needs and customer / employee needs.


New, more productive and creative workspaces

Thanks to the layout of new workspaces, you will be able to make the most of your teams’ talents. Open spaces, remote working, flex offices, all options which could improve well-being at work and in their personal lives will be evaluated; they will also support you in developing a strong sense of belonging within the team, which will help retain your employees. Finally, this transformation will facilitate exchanges between staff and stimulate creativity.

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