A transformation project often involves a variety of actors and stakeholders who sometimes have difficulty coordinating when implementing the actions inherent in leading change. To ensure the success of your project and guarantee the overall coherence of your actions, we offer you a new offer: the Program Change Office (PCO), the unique pole that centralises the management of all your changes.

Is there only one solution to change everything?

A merger, a move, the development of a project portfolio or the implementation of a change are decisive moments in organisations, milestones that can have multiple consequences which are difficult to manage simultaneously. What’s the best approach to coordinating, regulating and controlling all the human impacts related to a multitude and diversity of projects in parallel, and over a long period of time? Which change management solutions can ensure overall consistency of actions, give meaning to teams and ultimately, effectiveness in terms of expected performance challenges?

With our “Program Change Office” offer, our consultants take on the entire scope of your transformation.

Program change office: A global solution for multi-step change management

We establish the change management office (PCO) with all the necessary functions to carry out your transformations.
Positioned  within the organisation, alongside Senior Management, the Human Resources Department or the Project Office, if there is one, we lead, centralise and analyse the change strategies for each project. We ensure the transfer of skills so that our clients are then fully autonomous.


A unique and efficient unit that centralises the management of all your projects and changes

Serving as a hub, the Programme Change Office will be central to guiding management in its transformation and supporting them in their decision-making. They will centralise the skills necessary to managing change. This solution has many advantages, such as:

  • A consolidated relationship between program management and change management to alternate sequences of movement and stability in organisations (continuity of daily activities),
  • Securing your transformation management in its human, managerial and social dimensions for each of the organisation’s teams, in particular in regards to its oversight for managers,
  • Having the assurance that a dedicated team, experts in interacting with the various project managers are able to tackle all aspects of the change project, providing solutions and answers in a coordinated and efficient manner.
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