In the context of a constantly evolving HRIS market, using a SaaS AMOA is a relevant and secure solution that allows you to benefit from a dedicated service to frame and manage your projects, design and configure your tools but also roll out and support change. Learn More.

Often, when we’re looking to implement an HRIS software or other SaaS, it’s best to call upon an IT Project Management Support provider. But why should you use this type of service? What is its added value? How do you choose which one is best? Implementing a HRIS software or SaaS is complex. This constantly changing market requires constant monitoring and expertise that HR rarely have in-house. Regardless of the functional needs and technical scope of the software, our consultants’ expertise enables them to propose the a tailor-made SaaS/HRIS AMOA to facilitate the implementation of a solution that suits you. Cross-functional management in close collaboration with your teams and also independently with your IT managers. Advice for optimal implementation that will satisfy users and managers…


AMOA Saas/SIRH external expertise to secure and manage your internal projects

Implementing your project requires dedication, know-how, and organisation. These are qualities that your IT Project Management Support/HRIS will provide by:

  • Defining a clear implementation strategy
  • Validation, sharing of HRIS, and project issues and objectives
  • The definition of the project planning, the identification of the core team, and the setting up of governance bodies


From design to HRIS configuration, your SaaS/HRIS AMOA can be adapted to your most specific needs

Because there are no ready-made solutions, your AMOA Saas/HRIS is constantly adapting to provide ideas and offers that correspond to your situation through:

  • Workshops designed to express business needs (target HR processes & specific business needs)
  • The drafting of general functional specifications describing the functionalities or settings expected in the tool
  • The definition and sharing of business references (jobs/functions, skills, organisation…)
  • Monitoring the progress of configuration / configuration
  • The development of a data recovery strategy and the management of its implementation with a “data quality” program.


From testing to HRIS validation, your SaaS/HRIS AMOA uses secure processes to verify everything

The mission of your SaaS/HRIS AMOA is not limited to analysis and planning. To ensure the operational implementation of your tool, we also carry out a series of tests and detailed audits that feature:

  • Definition of the testing method
  • Creation of the test and validation specifications & identification of the test scenarios
  • Creation of data sets in the test database
  • Organisation and coordination of the software validation tests
  • Execution of the functional testing of the tool
  • Coordination of the technical test, follow up, bug management, corrections, and evolutions


 From the implementation of the software to the technical support, your SaaS/HRIS AMOA respects the balances:

A change that isn’t necessary will only veer towards failure. With your SaaS/HRIS AMOA you will be able to make its necessity and advantages clear and implement it smoothly thanks to :

  • The definition of the roll-out strategy (Big Bang, Sequencing…) and the change management plan
  • The diagnosis of the situation by country/entity
  • Support for deployment and user assistance
  • The definition and implementation of a continuous improvement process


Regardless of what your needs are, we deliver a Saas/HRIS AMOA perfectly suited to your requirements

Advice, analysis, follow-up… Via your SaaS/HRIS AMOA, you can be confident that each tool will be implemented as if it had been designed specifically for your company, with a methodology that’s adapted to your needs, your corporate culture, and your project teams. As we are fully independent, and don’t rely on any external integration editors, we guarantee transparency in our technical and service follow-ups, and also services adapted to your needs. Working with ConvictionsRH means:

  • The guarantee that you’ll have an expert by your side regardless of the tool you wish
    to implement
  • A follow-up that will take into account the operational reality of future users and will be based on the market’s best practices to help structure new needs
  • Integration of managers at the heart of the HRIS project ensure that it fits their day to day needs
  • Greater fluidity and peace of mind when implementing your project


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