Conquering new customers, constantly offering updated products and services, adapting to new market requirements, implementing a reorganisation or transformation project... The director and key stakeholders must rely on all the managers in their organisation. Discover our solutions for developing unified and cohesive teams.

Transformation and a new managerial framework to build a stronger managerial structure

Management has a major role to play in clarifying, supporting, communicating and uniting. It is one of the keys to achieving your objectives and goals. Their involvement is essential to your success. How can we rely on a team of managers who are truly involved in the operational implementation of the strategy? How can I create an efficient team of managers around my managers?
Our consultants combine advice and coaching to provide you with solutions that will improve your teams’ investment in the development of your organisation.



A tailor-made approach to drive healthy competition

Our approach to consulting values both the managerial team and the individuals. On the one hand for the individual and our capacity to support them in the appropriation of their role and responsibilities, with regards to their teams and their peers. The collective on the other hand, where common practices and shared responsibilities will create a more unified structure.

This approach aims to identify the conditions for a “new managerial environment” and thus, over time, to build an effective team united by a common culture, values and principles for shared actions. The components of this new deal are then contractualised in a framework document (a management charter for example). This can be part of an internal process, but not necessarily. It can also be used as a response to an audit of managerial practices.

Managerial transformation makes it possible to establish a management strategy, starting from the daily situations experienced by managers, and to propose a program that will provide a “unique and strong managerial framework” for the organisation’s managers, outlining the effects and results on the organisation’s performance: team management, business performance and achievement of project objectives.



Combine consulting and coaching approaches to provide differentiated support

To accompany you in the best possible way, we offer a unique service that enables you to benefit from the best in terms of advice and coaching. Our ability to combine these two approaches makes it possible to capitalise on proven consulting methodologies, while placing the client at the heart of their development in order to guarantee sustainable growth. Without indicating a single path, we want to be a source of inspiration in their personal considerations. We also occasionally involve a coach in the project in order to guarantee the sustainability of the selected methods.



And many other service options

Before this “new managerial data” project is launched, we may carry out an audit of managerial practices in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation’s leadership.

Similarly, as part of a managerial transformation project, we may create a managerial community that will allow us to create a dynamic and mobilised group.

Finally, we can also support the leadership team in defining strategy and governance in order to ensure that they set an example for the managers in their business.



Transformation and new managerial data for the constitution of a team in line with your ambitions

To support your ambitions and implement managerial transformation projects with your managerial community, ConvictionsRH’s consultants and their involvement in the project alongside you, enable you to:

  • Create a strong working environment, uniting your managers around a shared ambition and promoting adherence to a common culture and shared values
  • Focus on managerial coherence but also on managerial innovation (reflective manager, leadership) through various sources of inspiration
  • Develop the “manager-leader”, with strong and ritualised appointments, and enable them to fully experience their role as a manager
  • Propose a dynamic which allows new managers to be integrated and encourage them to be managers
  • Put the general management and the HRD at the heart of the animation and management of this approach (by coherently linking this approach to particular ‚Äúskills”)
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