It is therefore essential to rely on an analysis of these activities and their challenges to drive strategic decision-making and increase performance. To respond to these needs, we invite you to discover the 2017 edition of the Role of HR Benchmark. In this study, a contextual analysis presents the evolutions of HR activities and reliable information based on data and key indicators for 4 subjects:

  • the profile of an HR department
  • HR processes
  • HRIS
  • tomorrow’s HR trends

The study is based on over 40 interviews with HR professionals and gives you access to comparative data from more than 42 private companies and public organisations of varying sectors and sizes to:

  • allow you to compare your HR data to similar companies and sectors
  • help you through HR strategic decision-making, optimisation of HR processes, defining HRIS strategy or building innovative HR projects
  • provide you with an assessment of tomorrow’s HR trends and future projects in all of the participating organisations.

Want to learn more? Download our free exclusive infographic that summarises the main results of the Benchmark by completing the form below! To receive the full 2017 Benchmark, we invite you to participate in the next edition of our study by accepting to share data related to HR your activities. To do this, simply fill in the form below so that one of our consultants can contact you, present you with the analysis grid, and assist you in discovering and completing the various items.