HR start-ups, innovative partners

Symbol of the new economy, the volume of start-ups is multiplying and the scope of their offer is expanding to a variety of different sectors. At the same time, companies are increasingly interested in digital technology and want to use different, more innovative solutions.

The HR sector hasn’t escaped this trend either and is seeing the emergence of a multitude of young HR start-ups that are ready to change the habits and customs of this field through proposals and innovations that are sometimes surprising.

However, the scope of the offer can be frightening. Working with start-ups raises many questions: which are the most innovative companies? Which ones have the most added value for your business? Are they reliable in the long term? Will the quality of service be there?


An interactive and intuitive mapping of HR start-ups

To provide you with a complete overview of the HR market’s start-ups, since 2016 ConvictionsRH has been regularly updating an interactive map. In 2018, this map was updated, adding 20 new start-ups.

You will find a broad representation of current HR start-ups likely to change your company’s HR culture, classified by theme: recruitment, personnel administration, career management, well- being at work… The offers and promises of these companies are numerous and varied. It is up to you to choose the one that best meets your digital transformation expectations.

In just a few clicks, the interactive HR start-up map allows you to have an overview of companies classified by category. You can also access the business information of each company that is listed. A convenient feature which enables you to learn more about the new services offered and the latest market developments.

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