An interactive panorama to guide companies in their choice of HRIS solutions

This interactive and innovative tool for companies is intended for Human Resources and Information Systems departments. It provides a global and structured view of the market. Organised by HR business sectors, it presents the players involved in an attractive and visual way and helps guide you in the selection of your tool. By clicking on the mapping logos, users are redirected to the publishers’ sites where they can obtain detailed information which will help confirm that this option corresponds with their expectations. This innovative and  » easy-to-use  » tool is intended for company managers, Human Resources, Training and Information Systems managers.


A 2018 edition of the HRIS panorama reviewed and enriched

As our ambition is to provide you with the most exhaustive overview of the market each year, the 2018 edition of the HRIS panorama has expanded, including 55 new options, giving you access to a total of 518 HRIS solutions, ranked by category. In order to best meet your needs, 4 new categories have been added :

  • Accidents at work and occupational illnesses
  • Commitment
  • Digital Workplace
  • Chatbots

To discover these new features, download the free HRIS digital panorama by completing the information at the bottom of the page.


ConvictionsRH, an efficient and independent support for HR and HRIS projects

The Digital Panorama of HRIS Solutions complements ConvictionsRH’s expertise and HRIS offer. Within the firm, each consultant oversee the follow-up and monitoring of 2 publishers, which enables them to have an expert overview of the French market.

The updates and strategies implemented by all publishers are monitored, presented and updated within the HRIS benchmarks proposed by HRondemand. These benchmarks make it possible to gather in a single place a categorised list of HRIS solutions in France as well as a real independent evaluation of these solutions.


« The Panorama and the HRIS frameworks are designed to provide French companies with the means to effectively select HR solutions that meet their needs and are adapted to their context. With this offer, we want to provide our customers with an exclusive and high quality service to better understand the continuously evolving role of Human ResourcesHumaines »

Jean-Pierre Beylat – ConvictionsRH Associate

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