In a context marked by a race for innovation, a quest for performance and the acceleration of regulatory changes, companies and administrations must develop their internal structures, tools and services. However, the growing number of projects must not take precedence over operational activities, i.e. the quality of the service provided or the production process. Changes must therefore be anticipated, prepared and monitored in order to bring about a positive transformation for organisations, both private and public.

Support for change, which is essential in the context of the implementation of major transformational projects (creation or merging of services, pooling, process redesign, new information systems, new workspaces, etc.), should be a means of making a project known, explaining it, removing internal and external resistance and strengthening employees’ professional practices.

From the analysis of the existing system to the implementation of a new system from A to Z, we adapt and put our expert consultants at your disposal to advise and support you, whatever the nature of the change you wish to make. It’s a simple way to secure all your transformations and be able to control the success and adherence generated by your projects.

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